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Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd is a company born out of one man’s deep desire to channel over a quarter century worth of F&B knowledge, to create a complete one-stop solution centre for all things related to food, beverage and hospitality needs. From events organisation to kitchen and restaurant concepts, publishing, marketing communications and IT, Peter Knipp Holdings delivers all that you need as we strongly believe that prospects keep happening.

Here at Peter Knipp Holdings, we are all geared towards delivering the best and most effective results for you.


We are committed to empower you with a variety of solutions to help you create value and maximise returns on your knowledge assets through the capture, management and retention of customer relationships.

We will constantly remain on the cutting edge of concept development, IT solutions, communication design and events management within the regional and international F&B community.


With a heart that beats in the island of Singapore but eyes that roam international waters for potential developments overseas, we seek to build and create new opportunities for the advancement of the food, beverage and hospitality industries.

The vision is both supported and fuelled by the company's successful track record of being able to make it happen.


We foster mutually beneficial working relationships with innovative and creative partners and clients from around the world who share our passion for the food industry.

Peter Knipp Holdings


Food2Print Asia is the publishing division of Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd. Its flagship magazine is Cuisine & Wine Asia, the leading magazine in Asia for culinary professionals and the foodservice industry. The bi-monthly magazine was conceived to strengthen communication among the chefs and food and beverage professionals in Asia. It contains features on the trends, trade issues, and lifestyle aspects of the industry, whilst providing professionals with the knowledge base to act on self-improvement initiatives, and facilitates new ventures between suppliers, professionals and enthusiasts.

A La Carte Productions is the events division of Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd. Providing a one stop solution from planning to execution, A La Carte Productions has hosted events like the yearly World Gourmet Summit, Awards Of Excellence and Gourmet Abu Dhabi, where talents are recognised and motivated to excel in the food and beverage industry.



Foodservice Consultants Singapore (FSCS), our consultancy subsidiary, is a leading food and beverage (F&B) consultancy in Asia. In providing consultancy services to concept development and kitchen design, FSCS holds a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry. With the experience, FSCS offers creative and sustainable food and beverage concepts, professional and reliable consultancy services as well as practical and effective kitchen design consultancy. An added benefit lies in the client hands-on experience and expert know-how. FSCS perceives the needs of individual clients and guarantees the fulfillment of bespoke needs.

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